Samriddhi is a research-based agriculture company that aims to transform typical low-yield Nepali subsistence agriculture into thriving agribusinesses by promoting high-value crops.

Nepal’s characteristic microclimates in the hills and mountains are very favorable for the production of high-value berries, nuts, and fruits. Promotion of high-value crops that have comparative advantages for Nepal will create new business opportunities in various sectors such as production, processing, and marketing.

Samriddhi integrates demand-driven research, extension, and agricultural entrepreneurship into a single functional system to shorten the time lag between innovation and income generation.

Our execution model involves functional collaboration among various entities, including national and international universities, private companies, agricultural cooperatives, and government agencies. We foster partnerships between the private and publicsectors and the community to provide research-based information and services to our clients.

Our goal is to provide our customers with one-stop solutions.

mixed berries


Establish as a leading and thriving social agribusiness in high-value agriculture.


Create new opportunities for employment and inclusive economic growth through the promotion of entrepreneurship in selected high value crops.